Monday, April 13, 2009

Just Some Late news

So you know how I told you I was saving up for the DSi? Yeah, that has changed. I found something even better that cost the same and still has that little lowercase i in it. The iTouch!
I am not saving too much, it is just easy going. Since I get 10 dollars for allowance, I would probably spend 3 dollars out of that and save the rest. I will have one soon enough.

I also have a new favorite game. This one is an old one. Many of you have heard of it and I have loved this game ever since it came out... ...(I hope they make a 4th one.)...

PLAY Bot Arena 3

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fun and Poems 2/ The thing I want most!

Hey ladies and gentlemen it's time to see,
my very very scarred up, bit-on knee!
You must be hoping that I spill the beans,
but I can't do that, not even wearing jeans!

Ya that's right, I'm wearing shorts.
Wait, no I'm not, HEY LOOK! HOGWARTS!
Hey I see Harry Potter, Oh contrare.
But wouldn't you say, that's pretty rare?
This poem is getting to be much very long
It's beginning to actually be a song!
I always wish that maybe someday
I could just shout out while sitting down, or maybe just say
Shout right out loud, I love to compose!
Thats what this poem really shows.
So that's the end of this grand poem,
Now learn all the words, and soon you'll know 'em.

Now I'm done hoped you liked it!

Now there is something that is awesome that I really want. Here is a video that explains the DSi that I want.

Well the Nintendo DSi is awesome, and even though I have a DS lite, I'm still getting(saving up) for one.