Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Dark Knight/ Peacful valley

Hello, Greetings, Hola, How's it going. Ok yesterday I went to see the greatest movie of all time! THE DARK KNIGHT. I am in peacful valley and I went to see it! Lately at peacful valley, I haven't done much, but that is becaus I haven't started lessons for horseback riding yet so I have been chilling for the past 3 days! I have had some fun though. I climbed up a trail and saw an amazing view from a chapel very high up. Up here where I am the air is very thin and it makes it more difficult to breathe... ... lately I had some headaches and stumachaches. But tomorrow I am gonna horseback ride! I am trying to get a good horse. Maybe since I'm an experienced rider I might a very good one, or a very bad one, but who cares. This place rulesanyway

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I am Thrillingly excited! OHHOOOOOH! I am excited! You're probably wondering why I am so excited! Well why don't I tell you. Tomorrow I am going to Peaceful Valley Ranch in Colorado! At Colorado I am going to be horseback riding every day for 9 days! It is going to be so fun. This is A picture from Peaceful Valley. Notice my shirt. It doesn't say Coke-a-cola... ... IT SAYS CAPE COD. And I know what your thinking. AND NO, WE ARE NOT IN CAPE COD. WE ARE IN COLORADO! So that's all I have to say so
Seeyah! not really... I can't see you.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Awesome cars

I know some awesome cars like the Pagoni zonda, Porsches, Supercars, Sports Cars, Crossfires, Weird cars, And nice cars you show off! I am sort of into to cars because they look OSOME!

I sometimes play with model cars. My favorite car is a Lotus elise. I know a fast cool car called the Dodge viper. Somtimes hot wheels have cool cars and they are tiny do you can't see the details... I focus on pictures. When i grow up I am going to get a Lotus Elise. =) ... Im Hopeful!
Don't get my spirits down! Now there are many cars out there and you should get 1! If it is cool I GOTTA SEE IT!

Friday, July 11, 2008

The news that has happened...

Hello everybody im back and I am on Youtube if youve seen me... Because me... is my name. Speaking of me or should I say Mii! That's right. My parents bought a Wii and already, we have 5 games for it. I also got that new Guitar hero on tour. I recommend that game... It is Fun
! But not long ago i had my birthday, and geuss where I went... ...NOPE. I didn't go there!... ...YES I WENT TO A WATERPARK! I went to RAGING WAVES. Such an awesome waterpark. Now some other news is that...




Hey guys Im back and I want to tell you about something really cool! Its called the Ripstik. The Ripstik has a complex design. It only has 2 wheels. I bought one and they are very fun. I recomend buying one unless you're a bad balancer. The Ripstik is very fun! Here is how people ride them. Click it.<-- That is my little arrow. Jk they don't ride ripstiks like that. They ride on there feet. Some people do Tricks! Well thats Ripstiks For ya!