Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Dark Knight/ Peacful valley

Hello, Greetings, Hola, How's it going. Ok yesterday I went to see the greatest movie of all time! THE DARK KNIGHT. I am in peacful valley and I went to see it! Lately at peacful valley, I haven't done much, but that is becaus I haven't started lessons for horseback riding yet so I have been chilling for the past 3 days! I have had some fun though. I climbed up a trail and saw an amazing view from a chapel very high up. Up here where I am the air is very thin and it makes it more difficult to breathe... ... lately I had some headaches and stumachaches. But tomorrow I am gonna horseback ride! I am trying to get a good horse. Maybe since I'm an experienced rider I might a very good one, or a very bad one, but who cares. This place rulesanyway


Michael said...

Cool blog. I like what you are doing. Maybe you should e-mail Connor and tell him to make one.

me said...

Well, I geuss I could try to convince him, but it would be hard.