Saturday, December 20, 2008

Only 5 days

There is only 5 days until Christmas and I am excited! There is so much to wait for! I have been doing an advent calender that every day you make a Christmas-themed Lego sculpture. I just did number 20 and it was a forklift. I really don't know how the heck that is related to Christmas. in other news, on my Christmas list one thing was Guitar Hero World Tour. I doubt I will get it. It cost 170 dollars. Oh well. The main thing I want is the Animal Crossing City Folk. WOW I AM REALLY EXCITED! Sorry about that, but it is just so exciting. Just think of it, CHRISTMAS! It is just like, WOW! I also built a snow fort in the same place that my other one melted. It is a little better because I walk up ice stairs and then I drop into a hole where I walk and then I go into a little room. I can also go up the big entrance I start out in and there is a small sledding hill. Sorry to cut this short but, BYE!

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Kirk said...

So let me get this straight -- you're excited? :) I'm glad you like the lego advent calendar!